Stained Glass Easter Crafts

Which came first the chicken or the egg? I don’t know either, but the good thing is you can decide on this project. This is a simple project for the kids, and it’s quick too.

Materials Needed:

How To Make a Stained Glass Easter Egg

To start, print two copies of the desired Egg design. You don’t have to use the ones I did; there are many on the web you can try as well. If using the provided template cut out the white spaces between the lines.

DAD TIP: Use construction paper if your printer can use it. I had card stock and a machine that can cut it. You don’t have to use both sides; I just liked the look of it.

Now take several pieces of Tissue Paper (different colors), and place them on top of each other, once you have about 6 to 7 sheets fold and cut to make different sizes, and set aside for later.

DAD TIP: Be sure to leave a couple of sheets for the baby chick.

Next, take your contact paper and peel off one corner from the top left or top right. Tape each corner to your surface (do not cut the contact paper just yet). Peel back enough to place your Egg on the contact paper, but be sure to leave slight edge so you can trim around it later.

Make sure you have unrolled enough contact paper to fold over the egg once completed (the contact paper will cover both sides of the egg). Once you have the required amount of contact paper, tape the bottom half to the surface.

Now, take the cut pieces of tissue paper and have your child arrange them any way they want. I tried to help him make it a bit more uniform, but you can do it any way you would like.

(If only using one side you can skip the next step)

Once you have your egg covered with enough tissue paper, use your glue stick around the outside edges and carefully place the other print out on top (like a sandwich).

Next, remove the rest of the backing from the contact paper and fold the other half on top of your completed egg.

Finally use your scissors to cut around the egg, removing the extra contact paper. Once that’s completed use your hole punch to create a hole in the center of the egg (at the top).

Using your yarn cut a small strip, and thread it through the hole. Tie it up and hang your egg in the window.

DAD TIP: You can use the template as a guide to trace an egg shape on the contact paper if you don’t want any borders.

How To Make a Stained Glass Chick

Much like the egg, print out the Chick template (2 copies), again cut out the white spaces.

Using the template, place it on top of the white Tissue Paper and lightly trace the bottom half of the egg. Be sure not to press too hard as you can tear the paper. Repeat the process for the yellow, orange and blue colors.

Again roll out the contact paper, peel off the top corners and tape to the surface. Place your template on the contact paper and roll out enough to cover the chick upon completion.

Next, cut out the traced parts of the chick and place them in the appropriate locations.

Using the glue stick around the outside edges. Once the glue is applied carefully place the other cutout on top.

Again pull the backing off the contact paper and fold the other half on top of the completed chick.

Finally, cut around the chick. Once again use your hole punch to create a hole in the center of the chick. Using the yarn cut a strip, thread it through the hole and tie it. Now hang it up and let the kiddos admire.

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