Easter Popsicle Stick Crafts

If your children are anything like mine, they know that Easter is just a few weeks away, and if your house is anything like ours you like to decorate for the holidays. This simple popsicle craft is easy to do, and the kids will enjoy as well. If you craft regularly, you probably have most of the materials already.

Materials Needed For Popsicle Chick

Additional Items Needed For Bunny

Popsicle Chick

First things first, layout your Popsicle sticks to decide how wide you want your chick. I decided to make mine five wide.

Once you have decided on how many sticks you are going to use, grab two additional popsicle sticks and glue them widthwise across what will be the back of the chick (cut off excess). Set aside and let hot glue dry for about 30-90 seconds.

While the glue is drying grab your paintbrush and yellow paint, and if required put a paper towel down so that when you paint, it does not get on your surface.

Now that the glue has dried paint the front of your chick yellow set aside and let dry for about 10 minutes.

While the paint is drying, grab your orange construction paper. Now with your scissors cut a triangle out, which will be used for the beak.

Do the same thing with the feet.

DAD TIP: If you want more uniform looking feet, trace the second foot from the one you cut first.

Check your paint, if its dry paint it again (I like to use two coats on everything), or if you are satisfied with the way it looks move on to the googly eyes.

Before you glue your eyes down, position the beak and the eyes on your chick to ensure you like the positioning after you’ve decided where to place the eyes and beak glue both eyes and the beak to the sticks.

While waiting for the glue to dry, take your yellow pipe cleaner and twist the ends together to make little chick wings(see photo), and set aside. After your glue has dried (usually about 30 seconds), flip the chick over and glue on both wings, and both of the feet you cut earlier.

DAD TIP: If you want to hang your project, cut about 6 inches of yarn and glue it to the top of your chick, this will allow you to display it in the window, or pick up a few magnets and glue them to the back to hang on the fridge.

After all the glue has dried flip the chick back over.

Congrats you now have a completed chick.

Popsicle Bunny

To create the bunny, you will complete the same steps as above except for the nose, whiskers, and ears.

When you cut the ends off the popsicle sticks this time save two pieces about an inch and half long. These will need to be painted white as well.

After you have glued the popsicle stick to the back, glue the ears as well.

While they are drying use the pink felt and cut out two U shapes for the inside of the ears. Now take the black felt and cut whiskers (six total).

With the pipe cleaner wrap it around your pinkie finger until its all wound up, you will be using this for the bunny nose.

Once all the glue has dried, paint a seconded coat if needed.

Glue the pink felt and nose to your bunny, followed by the whiskers, and that’s it.

Though if your child is like mine, they may tell you it is not complete so… grab your black sharpy and let them draw the mouth. Now it’s complete.

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