About Dad

Who is Dad – AKA Dave?

That is a pretty good question. I am a disabled Veteran, a hard-working dad, but “First and Foremost” I am a husband to an amazing woman & my world, and a father to four awesome children. Though sometimes, if being honest I want to give them away but then I realize that is just part of parenting. They are teaching me and I Them, but my wife she teaches all of us (she has probably wanted to throw me away more than once. Probably twice since you read this).

No, I am not a world traveler, or entertainment guru, but I like to write about our daily lives, and hopefully that will help someone.

What about my Family?

Well I have Four Boys, yes boys, god help my wife. Obviously, I have a wife (think ive said it once or twice), sadly though for her she is raising my four boys plus me, let’s be honest. Most wives probably raise their husbands.

My oldest two boys (Devin 14 & Alexander 12) are into sports (Middle & High School) mostly wrestling and cross country. My third youngest son (Ryan 10) will get his intro into wrestling this offseason. Finally my youngest the 4-year-old (Mason), he has sports limitations due to congenital heart disease, but he will be allowed to try out for soccer this year, so now I am a soccer dad.

Now for the most important person and the glue that holds this crazy family together, my wife. We got married at 20 & 21 in 2003 back when might I say, I was a pretty good package. Now meh, I look a little more like that beat up package UPS or FedEx leaves on your doorstep, but you’re afraid to open it because you know its busted. But you do anyway because you already paid for it. When we met, I was in the military, and she was working back home in New Jersey. Fast forward to now. She is the reason I live life, she has the only opinion that matters, and even in the darkest of days, she is the ray of light that brightens my world. As you will find out in some of my posts, she is the foundation that holds up our home.

Why am I blogging?

Well, I wanted to be a rich motivational speaker to High School & College age kids, as well as those just starting their careers, but that didn’t work out. I do however like to write (even if my grammar is not perfect yet, but I will get there). My Primary focus is really about how to be a Dad, raise kids, and how to be a great husband. Oh, and I suffer from depression, and I was told I should write to help, so that is part of it too, but not as important as me wanting to, considering I own the depression it does not own me.

At the end of the day, my views are mine, they are not meant to offend but if they do, I can’t change that, nor will I try. We all have views and opinions and that my friends is what makes us all unique.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or on Facebook and ask anything you want, I’m usually around, or I almost always have some kind of electronic device in hand.